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What Daddy Do

Being A Dad Is The Best Job A Guy Could Ever Have–!


What Daddy Do was born from a dream. For sure, it began its life in another form, as a poem, included in the forthcoming poetry collection, Songs For The Cleveland Ave. Warriors, but that poem, of the same name, and What Daddy Do, The Children’s Book, are two different babies. What Daddy Do, The Poem, was never meant to be What Daddy Do, The Children’s Book. I didn’t know that such a thing existed, or even awaited its chance at existence, but, then it came to me in a dream. Completely formed, bright and beautiful in its possibility. It even knew who it wanted to help bring it to life. I contacted J. T. Spence, the illustrator, the very next day.Since then, it has been rather persistent, demanding that I find it an outlet, that I nurture it, assure it of success. That I help it live. So, this is What Daddy Do. The story is, of course, autobiographical, but it could certainly apply to any of us Dad’s who do it.



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