When What Daddy Do was first conceived, there was, for me, only one thing about it that I knew for certain, and that is, I wanted every aspect of it, from the illustration to the printing services, and even the production of the initial run of clothing and merchandise, to be sourced locally. I can’t say for sure if that was because of the times, whether that be the political climate or the ongoing pandemic, because, in truth, I’ve always advocated for such behavior. It has always been important for me to find ways to help empower my community, either through my long profession in childcare and education, or through an active involvement in positive, community organizations. In truth, though, it doesn’t matter, because, however we, as a Nation, as a Community, arrived at this point in history, it is now more important than ever for the need to circle the wagons, to find an extra dose of compassion for our friends, family and neighbors. Because of this, I am quite proud of the fact that What Daddy Do was concieved and fully formed within a 50-mile radius of my home. This makes it a truly homegrown project. A bit of home cooking for the soul. And now that you are here, I am honored that you would give it a try. I hope that you find as much joy in it as I have in helping to create it, because for me, for What Daddy Do, for ‘What We Do’, this is just the beginning–